Transfer certificate

A Transfer Certificate is a letter issued by the school/college on the student’s request. It is produced when a student requests to leave the school/college. Beware of fraud actions in this field while getting your educational document attestation in Qatar. While there is one and the only name you can trust on and that is Infosat Attestation.

Getting an Attested Transfer Certificate in Qatar is a tedious task. So, we are here to help you. We offer excellent services, timely delivery of attested documents and while providing complete assurance of the authenticity of the attested documents.

Documents Vital for Transfer Certificate Attestation

  • Original transfer certificate
  • Passport copies of the person
  • Id Copy (Resident country)
  • Educational Certificates Attestation Process
  • Educational department attestation
  • Mofa Attestation
  • Embassy attestation (From the concerned embassy)