Divorce Papers

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A duo who has got separated needs to get their official divorce certificate attested by the concerned authority. The divorce certificate attestation confirms the document to be genuine. The attestation in Qatar involves the divorce papers being attested by the embassy of the country, where the documents are to be presented. Before the divorce certificate is sent for attestation to the embassy, it is directed for notary attestation along with marriage certificate attestation and birth certificate attestation.

After receiving a divorce, if one of the partners needs to change to some other country for any given reason, one must make sure that the divorce certificate is attested by the embassy of the country to which that individual plans to travel to. Since attested divorce papers are considered to be an official proof of the authenticity of the document.

If you have freshly got a divorce and need to fly to some other country, you need to go through a simple attestation process for a basic reason of getting the authenticity of your divorce certificate checked.

The significant documents required for divorce certificate attestation in Qatar are:

  • Original Certificates
  • Passport copy (or Id Copy)